On a typical day, you wake up, scroll through your business’ social media accounts and think, There’s no organic reach anymore. While it’s easy to blame factors out of your control—like ever changing algorithms and an increasingly disinterested audience, it is still possible to enjoy massive organic engagement. Even in tiny Hungary, my home country, there are influencers who are able to achieve engagement rates that many people can only dream of.

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I too am someone

who has never felt the sting of reduced engagement rates after an algorithm change. Probably, because I started out as a blogger, building my personal brand without spending money on ads, while I also helped brands to build committed communities, using the same methods. 


I spent nearly 10 years of sleepless nights testing, trying, failing, and trying again. That’s why I want to share what I’ve learned with others in the same position I was in. I proved many times that my method not only works for me, but for hundreds of other people too.


In the past year I’ve worked with over 500 entrepreneurs, including investors, celebrities, influencers, small business owners and CEOs from all over the world, teaching them my method of building engaged communities, so they can build a social media presence that is immune to any algorithm change.