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Hi I'm Nora,

I have dedicated my life to researching and understanding how next-generation entrepreneurs build new types of businesses around the world. My approach to entrepreneurship is holistic: I like to look at how these people make their marks as they build new types of businesses, put themselves at the forefront of tech and social media, navigate daily challenges, and most importantly, take care of their mind, body and health. 

My interview series on HuffPo features outstanding models in this field, including Michael Stevens, Dr. Oz, Tony Conrad, Martin Garrix, Jake Paul, Hayden Cox, Fedor Holz and Hardwell.



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I loved your Instagram pictures throughout the course and am so happy to have you blogging for HuffPost — please keep contributing!
— Arianna Huffington
I don’t think I’ve met anyone similar to Nora ever in my life – she mixes the type of ambition I rarely see in people with a 360 degree of knowledge of the industry – she’s truly seen it all. It only took me 30 seconds of speaking to Nora to realize that she’s going to achieve something in her life that most of us can’t even dream of.
— Philip Brown
Nora’s articles are creating a buzz by discussing core issues in digital marketing and making the topic very straight-forward and clear with a scientific and innovative approach.
— Elma Beganovic, Influencer, A & E Digital Agency
Nora wrote my favorite article our company received all year. Unlike anyone I’ve seen, she can cover the influencer marketing industry and explain it clearly, yet she can keep a natural feel to her writing.
— Corbett Drummey, Popular Pays
Nora is straight forward, really smart, creative and has a huge network. After our weekly consults I am so full of new ideas and give a lot more then I expected. It’s really a gift how she can make someone feel like she has all the time in the world while she has a tight schedule.
— Ruta Frey, HipDonkey
You have such a clear personality in your words. I can understand why people would feel like they know who you are, just by reading your words. It’s your gift. You’ve worked so hard to be who you are - and that’s so special. Something to be cherished. You’re a gift Nora. The world needs more people like you.
— Shawn Pyfrom, Actor
I had a look at some of your blogs. Really good. And your English is disturbingly good. Like you’ve sold your soul to the devil good.
— David Schneider, Director @That Lot