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Nora Oravecz

How to turn your idea into a magnificent business,
and what to expect while it’s transforming your life.

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Is it possible that no matter how much money you make, how many followers you have, or where you’re from, the cycle of fully committing to an idea and making it happen provides us all with similar stages and experiences?
What happens when we start to analyze the cycle of self-realization while we are building new types of businesses? Is it possible to use the same cycle for creating content and strategy easily and, not to mention, to target the right audience? What leads us to reaching the plateau, and how you can get through the difficulties that follow so you can leap up to the next level and focus on longevity?  

After interviewing dozens of influential people such as superstar DJ Martin Garrix, youtuber Jake Paul, TV personality Dr. Oz, or psychologist Philip Zimbardo, they proved my theory right: there’s another cycle behind the journey of making an idea happen, and it affects your success more than you think. This is the cycle of self-realization. These two happen concurrently while you’re building a business, and if you can’t learn how to harmonize them, your career will stagnate, no matter how far you’ve come.

Cycle of self-realization

Cycle of self-realization


 If you have ever found yourself sitting at home, wondering if it’s only you who is going through various difficulties, or wishing you would meet someone who finally understood your problems without diminishing your success, then you will love this book.

This book will not only give you the permission to build the business only you can build, but it will give you a new perspective on strategy, storytelling and targeting. It will also show you how to be more consistent, so you can reach business growth through personal growth.


The last stage of the research for this book is taking me to the following cities until the end of summer.



New York




Los Angeles


San Francisco



The 4 fields of my research include:

All the headshots below represent the people I’ve already interviewed as part of my research.

music industry

Music industry

After DJ Avicii’s death, people in the music and entertainment world started talking more openly about the difficulties that come with turning their love for music into their careers. Finally, they started to open up about the dark side of fame, the reasons behind burnout, depression, and more, which all shined a light for the next generation of artists on the downsides that can come with living the life of a 21st century rock star. Since 2017, I’ve had the chance to interview artists who are sitting on top of the charts, including Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Kungs, Oh Wonder, Alex Clare, and many more.

digital storytelling

Storytelling at the age of digital

You can learn a lot from the next generation of content creators, who are not only transforming the way we create content, but also how we process it, and how that affects the way brands communicate on social as well. Learn about how influential content creators transform their personas into businesses, and how you can use their model to build a bestselling writer profile and a profitable personal brand, and how to eventually sell products, merch, books, and so on.



Investors say that they invest in a founder, not in a company. Then what are the characteristics of a founder who will get the deal done? What makes a not-yet-fully-formed product convince a VC, an angel investor, or an investor to take a chance? What are investors going through during their investment journey? Also, on the other side, what are the things that prepared the founders to secure the money they needed to grow? The process from going from an idea to an investment is also a cycle: it’s not just about how you get the money, but what you are going through as a founder while trying to raise it, and then how you merge your new investor into the bloodstream of your company.



Film industry

Life as an actor has always been a constant struggle, and the age of social media can make it easier. The years of dedicated work behind a great role are sometimes not seen, nor is the struggle after becoming famous and then being forgotten. How can you prepare for the lifecycle of becoming an actor if that’s the path you are taking? What comes with the childhood actor syndrome? How do you create opportunities through social media and build your image as an actor, and what you are going through while doing it? It is a hell of a ride, but if you know what to prepare, it can be easier.

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New York

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