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Hi, I’m Nora,

I am the creativity and confidence supercharger of hundreds of mission-driven entrepreneurs and digital creators around the world (read: ideation and buzz strategist), as well as an 8-time bestselling author, HuffPost, Entrepreneur and Thrive Global contributor, and international speaker. Forbes named me the most influential blogger in Hungary.

Thanks to social media, I became a household name in my country in 2013. For four incredible years, I was working with the biggest brands, giving sold-out talks, selling over 150,000 books, and traveling around the world. However, I also experienced intense bullying, survived a massive smear campaign that tried to destroy my personal brand, went through burnout and PTSD. After all of that, I finally asked myself the question no one was asking anymore: “what do you really want?”

Two and a half years ago, I went back to my roots, that is branding, and have since helped over 500 mission-driven entrepreneurs and digital creators from around the world. I’ve taught them how to use social media and storytelling to develop their own, unique career roadmap that gives them the lifestyle and purpose that make them feel fulfilled. Together, we figure out how to use your own self-realization and evolution story to build an engaged community.

I have dedicated my life to researching and understanding how next-generation entrepreneurs build new types of businesses around the world. My in-person interview series on HuffPost features outstanding models in this field, including Dr. Oz, Tony Conrad, Martin Garrix, Jake Paul, Hayden Cox, Fedor Holz and Hardwell.

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A credit to the world of journalism and an asset to the media industry in general. Nora’s approach to her varied number of roles is what makes our job a lot easier. You have to love the enthusiasm and passion she has for her work and the fact you can rely on her to not just deliver on the task at hand but also interject great ideas and suggestions wherever needed.
— Vass // CEO, Urban Rebel PR
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Since 2013, more than 500 companies, entrepreneurs,
and digital creators have hired me for my services.

Nora Oravecz


I run 1-3-month-long pop-up acceleration programs
for next-gen entrepreneurs and digital storytellers in four specific fields around the world and online.

simply committed commith



You are ready to commit to your mission. You are not waiting for the “perfect time” to start anymore--you are all in now. You have the experience, the story, and something to offer, but you have no idea how to start. You will need low-budget strategies, insider tips on how to create an engaged private Facebook group that creates income, and most importantly, how to stand out in such a crowded market.

simply committed show and tell

show & tell


You landed that sick tv series role, you are ready to publish your book about your VC experience, your startup is doing great and it’s time to build your founder persona, or it’s your small business that is rising. The only problem is that you are not on the top of your social media game. You have no idea what you do or why you do it, and people are confused by your messaging.

simply committed incene



Lack of storytelling can be fatal, even if you are on the top of your game. You’ve got the world in your palms: you have success, the lifestyle you want, and tons of opportunities--but you forgot to stay relatable and connect to your audience. You’ve realized that something is off, and that just ignoring all the fake followers and their spammy comments is not the right solution. You need change NOW. It’s time to learn how to spice up your image if you want to keep building your business.

simply committed knotch



You have a big goal, and you are halfway there. It’s not that you are not able to achieve that big goal--you just need someone by your side to support you in this process and give you fresh perspectives and ideas. You have the ideas and the drive, and it would be a crime against humanity to not share your inspiring journey with others.



Arianna Huffington
I loved your Instagram pictures throughout the course and am so happy to have you blogging for HuffPost — please keep contributing!

— Arianna Huffington
Shawn Pyfrom, Desperate Housewives
You have such a clear personality in your words. I can understand why people would feel like they know who you are, just by reading your words. It’s your gift. You’ve worked so hard to be who you are - and that’s so special. Something to be cherished. You’re a gift Nora. The world needs more people like you.
— Shawn Pyfrom, actor, artist
Nick Slater, Netflix, actor
Working with Nora was a transformational experience. Her “ out of the box” perspective on creative marketing and personal branding enabled me to identify my vision and establish an actionable roadmap to get there.
— Nick Slater, actor, entrepreneur @captiona
It only took me 30 seconds of speaking to Nora to realize that she’s going to achieve something in her life that most of us can’t even dream of. I don’t think I’ve met anyone similar to Nora ever in my life – she mixes the type of ambition I rarely see in people with a 360 degree of knowledge of the industry.
— Philip Brown, Influencer marketing specialist
Nora is straight forward, really smart, creative and has a huge network. After our weekly consults I am so full of new ideas and give a lot more then I expected. It’s really a gift how she can make someone feel like she has all the time in the world while she has a tight schedule.
— Hip Donkey
I am thankful to Nora for her talent to see what my uniqueness is, and to help me to bring it to the surface. Even if we never meet again, I will keep this new inner feeling of ”I already have what it takes to stand out” alive. It gives me tremendous support in my entrepreneurial journey.
— Jelena Kupate, former model, entrepreneur


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