Nora Oravecz

I focus on a comprehensive understanding of next generation entrepreneurs and digital creators build new types of businesses around the world and also how they put themselves at the forefront of tech and social media, navigate daily challenges, and most importantly: take care of their mind, body and health - especially after they made it.

My interview series on HuffPo and Swagger Magazine features outstanding models in this field, including Michael Stevens, Dr. Oz, Tony Conrad, Martin Garrix, Jake Paul, Hayden Cox, Fedor Holz and Hardwell.


My love and affection for exploration and my need to feel deeply connected have led me on a very interesting life path: I became one of the first social media managers in my country, the first self-published best-selling writer in 2012, one of the first bloggers to reach a new level of success: reaching 1 million people on Facebook each week, being on TV, becoming a published 9x bestselling author by 2018, and also a HuffPost contributor discovered by Arianna Huffington, and also included in Forbes’ Influential Social Media Personalities list.

As I’ve started transforming my life, I realized I am going through things that no one ever talked to me about while growing up in the middle of Eastern Europe. Burnout. Isolation. Depression. The extreme highs and lows. A smear campaign. Creating balance. Taking care of my creativity, and myself. Doing everything on my own. Dealing with five people’s jobs. Not to mention the extreme amount of pressure. There was no instruction sheet to guide me through these difficulties.

What are you talking about, your life is amazing. These are not real problems.”
— that was the usual response from people around me.

I wanted to find people who would know what I was going through and could give me great advice. In 2016 I decided to invest in traveling and meeting outstanding people like Dr. Oz, Martin Garrix, Fedor Holz, Philip Zimbardo, Matt Komo or Jake Paul to see if their wisdom and experience could help me in my journey. They kept telling me “I love talking about this topic! Finally, someone understands me.” That made me dig way deeper to have more information about every tiny step of their experience.


The interviews I conducted helped me to understand the commonalities in this journey, and showed me that no matter how much money, or how many followers you have, there’s a huge chance that you are facing the same difficulties as other entrepreneurs and digital creators. If you know how to react, and how to get yourself back on track, you will be able to continue achieving your goals.


When I took a closer look at the Gartner Hype Cycle that explains the lifetime of a startup, or any idea that you make happen, I realized something: it’s not enough to understand the stages of when to invest, when to focus on growth, or how to build a campaign—you have to understand how your cycle of self-realization is affecting growth. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hardwell, Chris Sacca, Casey Neistat, or PewDiePie, you can see how their attitude is changing, the way they present themselves, or execute once they hit rock bottom. That’s when the interesting part starts. Here you can watch a video where Casey talks about this.


Years ago, this level of accelerated growth that leads to fame or success never existed,
but now we can create our interesting careers and
it’s better if we know what comes with it
—the upsides and potential downsides.


Of course, I can’t prepare you for everything, but you will know about all the commonalities I’ve found during my work and research, and how people at various fields found their own unique ways of handling them.