Kids say weird stuff sometimes and I was no exception.

At the age of 5, I used to tell everyone that one day I would spend time with outstanding people and would make them feel better about themselves. People told me that would never happen, and I should keep my feet on the ground.

I didn’t listen to them.

Today, nearly 25 years later, I talk to outstanding people on a daily basis. My mission is to help them get connected to who they really are so that they can finally build the right values-driven brand that helps them fund their lifestyle and gives them purpose.

So you may be wondering – how did a Hungarian girl from the middle of nowhere, with no family connections or assistance, publish eight bestselling books in 4 years, get named Forbes Most Influential Blogger, become a HuffPo and Entrepreneur contributor, give over 100 sold-out talks around the world, including SF Tech Fashion Week and Influencer Marketing Days NYC, mentor startups and entrepreneurs at WebSummit, and get to interview such celebs as Dr. Oz, Martin Garrix, Tony Conrad, Jake Paul, Penn Badgley or Shawn Pyfrom?

Well, social media changed the game.

I found that someone like me, an unknown Hungarian girl from a tiny village (a village of 400 people), could only succeed by being incredibly brave, sharing my personal stories, and through some serious hustling. After five years of running my blog without any success, by 2013 I learned how to take my experience and turn it into a piece of content that people could relate to. Over the course of three years, I organically reached 1 million people per week on Facebook by sharing authentic, personal notes about what I was going through while I was turning my dreams into reality.

Many people finally felt understood, and could connect to my story, because I was one of them.

That’s the foundation of everything I do, whether I am sitting alone at an airport, talking to a stranger, writing an article, standing on stage, or trying to understand a personal brand’s DNA. I naturally focus on finding the fastest and easiest way to connect to the person next to me, or on the other side of the computer screen. Feeling understood is a need that all of us have – and we can connect with each other and find like-minded people through social media, regardless of where in the world we are.